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I am ER nurse now retired due 2 vasculitis n lupus dx'd 3 yrs

Customer Question

I am ER nurse now retired due 2 vasculitis n lupus dx'd 3 yrs ago. Developed 100's of brown spots all over, then something that looked like milia. Upon trying to remove them condition worsened n was left c red sores c hole in center. Takes weeks 2 heal...can see sm white things in " wounds". They are in scalp, nares, cheeks, nasal folds, etc. Actually going bald around hairline and brows. My camera has great magnification so I've been able 2 see some of these things and what appears 2 be cylindrical dandruff on my face. Saw derm doctor, but by then face n hair was temporarilly clear. She checked my head for lice, found none, and it was clear she thought it was psychogenic parasitosis ( or whatever the term is). Would not look at photo documentation I had. Mt condition is worsening, dk brown spots everywhere, not to mention the painful sores. I was told I could not have demodicosis unless I had personal contact or slept c someone who had it! I was a nurse and ill for a long time nefore I was dx'd. Of course I had close contact c such people. I hope u can offer some insight as 2 what my problem is. Demodex, Morgellan's??? PLEASE HELP! I'm 62 and appear to have aged 20 years within the last 3 years
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dermatology
Expert:  DrThomasMd replied 1 year ago.
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