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Category: Dermatology
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What could an acne like pimple on my penis be?

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About a week ago I got a very acne like pimple on my penis, just one. I squeezed it a little because I knew this has happened before and some white liquid came out, but not much else. I cleaned it every day with soap but a week later it still hasn't gone away.
I'm. It terribly worried it's an STD, given that I have never had sexual intercourse; but the day this problem appeared I had oral sex with someone who had been eating oily food, which I assumed the culprit).
Some help/advice?

Expert: doctoraha replied 2 years ago.

Thanks question. I will be happy to help you with your follow-up questions also. I need few details.
How many hours back before developing that pimple, you had oral sex?

I cannot remember, but I would approximate 10 hours.
At least within the first 24 hours

Has that pimple gotten better than before?

Not really, in terms of size it hasn't really shrunk.
I tried squeezing it, as said, and some liquid came out.
But after a while the top of the pimple just glazed over, it hasn't really formed a crater, it's still just a dome

Was that painful or was there any burning?

No burning
By painful do you mean, when I was squeezing it?

Do you have any diagnosed medical problem?
No otherwise painful.

It is not painful right now, obviously when I squeeze it I feel it a little, but it isn't any pain I wouldn’t experience if I pinched myself anywhere else on my body and I have no diagnosed medical problem.
Would a picture potentially help?

Yes but I am quite clear that what you had.
Upload a picture if you have any – and they will be blocked to protect your privacy.

Yes, this type of thing has occurred before. Long ago, when I used to use lubricant (but instead I used cooking oil) I developed pimples. They went away after a while.

STD of any kind with this description is not likely.
Because every STD has an incubation period.

Can you possibly explain that?

Incubation period means time between introduction of infection and development of symptoms.
This incubation period is from 3 days to many weeks.
Depending upon the type of STD.

If looking at the picture alone, would it be possible to rule out STD? And what do you think this is?

So it's not possible to get pimple after 10 to 15 hours of oral sex.
I personally think that this is hair follicle infection.
You should apply Neosporin ointment on it and should not rub or squeeze it.
Do this week and if it persists then you might need oral antibiotics.

How long will this last?

It can last of weeks. However, STD is not likely so please don't stress yourself.

Well, so long as it isn't anything serious I am very happy to hear that.

Yes it is not serious as I explained. The most important point is development of pimple on same day. And there is no significant pain or anything else like burning etc.
Anything else you want to ask?


Around the areas where I grow hair, there can be found small bumps. This type of thing has occurred on my arms before, which I assumed to be because of hair growing underneath. is this normal?

How big are the bumps?

Very small, never more than 1 mm.
They are not particularly tall bumps either.

But how do you feel them?

When cleaning out the genital area, If I feel the lower, forward facing part of the shaft I can often feel these small bumps.
This has been happening a few years, I might even say around the age of puberty.
I simply assumed it was normal.

Yes there is nothing abnormal which present like this.
I guess either due to hair growth you might feel this.
Or sometime there can be some normal skin counters but as such nothing abnormal present like this.

Okay, that is all the questions I had. Thanks so much!

I wish you good luck that you get well soon, please ask if you have any question because our discussion always remains open so you can always ask more till you are satisfied.

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