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Dr. Shahz
Dr. Shahz, Dermatologist
Category: Dermatology
Satisfied Customers: 243
Experience:  MBBS, MCPS, MD
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What can cause me to itch all over my body

Resolved Question:

What can cause me to itch all over my body
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Dermatology
Expert:  Dr. Shahz replied 5 years ago.

Dr.shahz : Your satisfaction is my obligation,please ACCEPT only if you are satisfied,a positive feedback would be highly appreciated.
Dr.shahz : Hello
Dr.shahz : Would you explain the condition a little bit more like how long have you had this itching
Dr.shahz : !
Dr.shahz : Are there any bumps or patches ?
Dr.shahz : Are you on any medications ? Is there any history of Eczema in the past?
Dr.shahz : Is your skin generally dry?
Dr.shahz : Please take your time and answer these questions?
Dr.shahz : Is it the first time that you have this itchiness?
Dr.shahz : Is someone in your close circle suffering from scabies?

2months,no bumps or patches no meds,jus advil. no history of eczema. no i have oily skin & keep moisterized. yes this is the 1st time for itching. No scabies that im aware of.

Dr.shahz : Does it start during exercise ?
Dr.shahz : Are you there ?

no its all the time

Dr.shahz : Ok thanks for your in put
Dr.shahz : For the itch with no obviouse cause it's very difficult to know the cause in which case it's called idiopathic pruritus

Any advice?

Dr.shahz : I would tell you the treatment just for 2 weeks in which time it should result in a relief but if not the you have to see the derm and to do some bloods tests ok.


Dr.shahz : To rule out some internal causes of the itchiness .
Dr.shahz : 1- Tablet Zyrtec 10 mg once before going to bed

ok thank you i will try,

Dr.shahz : 2- Tablet fexofenadine 180 mg once a day in the morning
Dr.shahz : 3- tablet Tegamet 300 mg once a day
Dr.shahz : All for 2 weeks
Dr.shahz : Avoid frequent washing ,harsh perfumed soaps and gels,very hot bath.
Dr.shahz : I hope this therapy will work but if not then as I said you must see the dermatologist.
Dr.shahz : Do you have any more questions?

ok thanks,6 months ago i had most of my cervix burned out for cancer cells you dont think that would have anything to do with the itching?

Dr.shahz : Well not specifically but urinary tract infections,dental carries and thyroid and blood disorders as liver and kidney derangements can bring up the generalised itching
Dr.shahz : Thats y I told you to see the doctor for blood tests,otherwise the treatment will work hopefully

ok thank I will try all the meds for 2 weeks then go get some bloodwork done if i get no relief

Dr.shahz : Avoid stress everything will be fine
Dr.shahz : If you find this discussion helpful then you can ACCEPT
Dr.shahz : A POSITIVE FEEDBACK would certainly be appreciated
Dr.shahz : Looking forward to assist you in future
Dr.shahz : All the best and thank you very much, have a wonderful day.
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