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dermdoc19, Dermatologist
Category: Dermatology
Satisfied Customers: 4124
Experience:  30 years practice in general and cosmetic dermatology
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i get these itchy little red bumps that if i scratch them they

grow into a circle like... Show More
grow into a circle like rash and look redish purple and after i scratch them the circle looks like a c shape and it spread out before it goes away it can last weeks or a month if i don't scratch it the little bump just goes away but it is so itchy that sometimes i can't help it i try but it is very very very itchy
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Dermatology
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replied 5 years ago.

dermdoc19 :


dermdoc19 :

Would you be able to send a photograph of the bump?

dermdoc19 :

Do you still have the steroid cream? If so, does it help and what is its name?


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no more cream sending pic of it starting out from tiny to medium bump to bigger and if i keep scratching it it will become a circle and the bigger it gets it will look like a circle with a clear center and the outer circle looks red and it get hot also

dermdoc19, Dermatologist replied 5 years ago.
Was this ever biopsied? Do you ever get a little tiny vesicle (water bump)?
Customer reply replied 5 years ago.
no water just never biopsied
dermdoc19, Dermatologist replied 5 years ago.
If you scratch a bump does it form a hive like swelling at all? Are they always pink-red?
Customer reply replied 5 years ago.
yes i looked at pictures of hives and ring worm it looks like both they just started the othre day i tried not to scratch them but as you can see i had to the itch is so bad i get them all over back of knees thighs elbows stomach back
Customer reply replied 5 years ago.
and they spread if i scratch around the area
dermdoc19, Dermatologist replied 5 years ago.
Do you ever get wheezing or bouts of diarrhea?
Customer reply replied 5 years ago.
nope never wheezing rarly get diarrhea the first time i evre noticed them was above my pelvis area then it just spread all over myh waist and thighs that was back in 1996 then i just used aclohal and after weeks it went away but then it would get a bump and i would sctratch it and then spread if i scratched the surrounding area like 2 days ago i was getting itchy. oh sorry at first i get really itchy then when i scratch theat when the bumps start to appear and so on a so forth
dermdoc19, Dermatologist replied 5 years ago.
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Customer reply replied 5 years ago.
just read on the adult papular urticaria i never had blister or water it i the area dose gat hot and swollen like if i have a bad itch attack which also gets very big sometime it takes up mu whole inner thigh if i dont stop scratching it and when i do stop it still spreades out and looks like it heals from the center out then breaks into a c shape a slowly fades away after weeks so 1st i get an itch then if i scratch tiny bump apears then if i sctratch the bump it will get bigger then it will take a circuler form not a perfect roundness to it but a circle shape if i scratch it more it will look like its lighter in the center and really red around it a little raised but no water just bumpy looking ring and then around the ring the skin is a lighter red so center light like my skin ring around red and purplish if im really digging at it and pinkish around that sometimes an inch diameter or more depending how big the itchy is and swollen looking and hot to touch
dermdoc19, Dermatologist replied 5 years ago.
I would recommend a skin biopsy. If you would like I can show your picture to some colleagues. I am going to a meeting Tuesday night.