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vakularen, Doctor (other than dermatologist)
Category: Dermatology
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Experience:  MBBS,DTM&H.In practice since last 35 years.
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Whenever I drink Soda my skin breaks out in rashes, Sometimes

Customer Question

Whenever I drink Soda my skin breaks out in rashes, Sometimes according to what i use on my face I may get a burning sensation. Like at one time I was using an anti itch shampoo for my hair and when I rinsed it out my face had a burning stinging sensation.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dermatology
Expert:  Docmaddy replied 7 years ago.

Do you only have this reaction only when you drink or eat?
Is it a raised red rash, itching initially then change into a scaly patch?
Do you have shortness of breath with it aswell?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I am African American so it is not red. Not raised. No shortness of breath. Itches more if it is near the lower part of eye. Usually on the cheeks or by the eyes. Corner or underneath. Not big rashes on forehead.
Expert:  vakularen replied 7 years ago.
Hello.Food allergies may trigger Atopic Dermatitis which can manifest in many ways.Similarly Contact Dermatitis with a allergen will produce acute discomfort due to Contact Dermatitis which would have symptoms similar to XXXXX have a sensitive skin and are also prone to fod allergies.I suggest you keep a food diary which will help you recognise foods which cause allergies.Testing for commmon allergens will also help.Keeping the skin moist by using moisturisers and emmollients,avoiding allergens,avoiding harsh soaps and cosmetics,use of antihistaminics like Loratidine/Cetrizine and sedating antihistaminics like Atarax/Benadryl at bedtime and in case of intense itching willhelp.Steroid creams used locally , immunomodulators like Pimecrolimus and Tacrolimus, antibiotics to prevent secondary infection,Light therapy like UVA and narrow band UVB ,immunosupressants like methotrexate and Cyclosporine have a role to play.Avoidance of allergens will be the mainstay of disease prevention.The skin under the eyes is most sensitive and is one of the first areas to show sensitivity.