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I've been to the dentist this am as I'm getting pain in a

Customer Question

I've been to the dentist this am as I'm getting pain in a lower left tooth after having sweet food and quite bad when driving. The dentist said I've been grinding my teeth so she took some off the bite to see if that helps. I'm still getting a lot of pain and have to keep taking pain killers. I had some pain when on the phone from the vibration from the other person speaking , when the phone was pressed against my left cheek.
JA: Is the pain consistent, or does it fluctuate?
Customer: it fluctuates
JA: Please give me a bit more information, so the dentist can help you best.
Customer: I have no pain with hot or cold fluids The dentist mentioned it could be an abcess?
Submitted: 4 months ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Dr. Hegland replied 4 months ago.

Did the dentist take xrays?

Expert:  Dr. Hegland replied 4 months ago.

Did the dentist do any other test (besides adjust the bite) like tap on teeth, test them with cold or hot?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
she did an x-ray but didn't think it was an abcess although my face aches and sometimes my ear.
Expert:  Dr. Hegland replied 4 months ago.

Ok well from the sounds of the exam this morning she seems to be leaning on the idea that you are dealing with some temporomandibular joint problems from grinding/clenching your teeth. The muscles used for chewing and the muscles/ligaments that support the jaw can illicit pain that is like a toothache or even abscess. Since xray was taken she would have been able to tell if their was a cavity or infection causing the pain. Pain killers likely won't help as much when you need to get relief of the TMJ. NSAID like ibuprofen work the best, ***** *****'s also important to treat the muscles. So icing the muscles on the outside of the cheek on the affected side, sometimes heat works better. Sometimes a muscle relaxant at night can be prescribed and that helps tremendously. The hard part about TMJ pain is that it can be very painful, and it doesn't go away instantly it takes time to settle down.

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