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I'm 43 years old. I have only been to dentist teice since I

Customer Question

I'm 43 years old. I have only been to dentist teice since I was 15 because of sterile experience where I was made fun of by dentist. As much as I do not like to admit it, it scared me for life. I have this mental block that keeps me away no matter how bad things get.
I finally had to go 3 years ago because my 2 front bottom teeth were really loose. I ended up losing them and getting a partial. They told me that the 2 lower teeth on either side of the front 2 that are missing also needed to come out because of major bone loss.
I came to terms with this and wanted to move forward. The dentist became very pushy and insistent on me getting bone grafts and implants for bottom 4 front teeth. When I told him I wanted info on a bridge, he because rude and pushy. Once again, I have stopped going to dentist and things are getting bad.
I still have those 2 bottom teeth that were on each side of teeth that were pulled but they are getting loose.
Sorry for the long message but I felt you needed back story.
My question is, can I get a bridge for bottom 4 teeth if I want to go that route. I am not willing to get bone grafts and implants. If a bridge can't be done for that many teeth on front bottom, are there any other options beside not having front teeth
Submitted: 19 days ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Dr. Behere replied 19 days ago.


Thanks for putting up your question on Just Answer.

Your options in case you dont want implants are:

1. Extracting the two loose bottom teeth and getting a new partial denture.

2. Extracting the two loose bottom teeth and getting a 6 unit bridge , taking support from your canines and replacing the 4 incisors that you have lost.

Both these options are viable. If your dentist is refusing or is being pushy, please seek a second opinion from another dentist. There should be no compulsion or pressure on you to get bone grafts and implants.

Hope this answers your question.Please leave a positive rating for me if this answer has helped you. I do not get credit for it otherwise.

Good Luck !

Dr. Behere

Expert:  Dr. Behere replied 18 days ago.


Im just following up ! Did my answer help? If yes, please leave a positive rating for me. I do not get credit for it otherwise !

If you have any further question, do write back!

Dr. Behere

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