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Mark Bornfeld, DDS
Mark Bornfeld, DDS, Dentist
Category: Dental
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Experience:  Clinical instructor, NYU College of Dentistry; 37 years private practice experience in general dentistry, member Academy of General Dentistry, ADA
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Yes. . How does this service work?

Customer Question

Yes. Hello. How does this service work?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Just Dental Truths! replied 2 years ago.
A patient/client or ordinary person wants to ask a legitimate question about one of various subjects. In your case, since you've been referred to the Dental department - I assume you likely have a dental concern.. You ask your question, and I, or another dental expert will answer your question. Sometimes immediately & other times it may take 30-45 minutes - but we will answer you. There is a fee, which YOU established upfront. Once your question is answered, you then "rate" our answer. It's as simple as that. I hope I helped you. Now, do you have a Dental question, by any chance, as I am a Dentist/Dental expert...
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks. I had 3 days of TMJ Symptoms (clicking, pain, sensation of ear canal closing while chewing), but no tooth discomfort. Suddenly on day 4, I developed a severe toothache in my lower right first molar that was immediately sensitive to temperature and chewing. I went to the dentist the next day and was diagnosed with a fractured tooth and root infection per X-ray. After leaving the dentist, I began having right sided numbness in my lower lip and chin. I saw an endodontist the next morning who said that the numbness was due to infection. He performed a (three root) root canal on the affected tooth that went well and I tolerated the procedure without complaint. I left with a 7 day course of Keflex, Vicodin and Motrin. I took the pain mess for 3 days and now on day 4 I'm noticing slightly more swelling and more numbness. The pain is minimal now and easy controlled with Motrin. However, I am concerned about the increase in numbness and swelling. Does this sound normal?
Expert:  Just Dental Truths! replied 2 years ago.
Typically, as you would expect after receiving treatment for the root canal with the esteemed & logical problem causing the ailments which you mentioned above, including numbness, one would expect to see recovery and a lessening of the numbness (parasthesia). However, as you mentioned, you do not yet have such. And possibly even an increase in swelling & numbness. Some of this is expected. Let me explain. With the 3 canal-ed root canal of your molar, some swelling is expected. This, of course should subside in due time. I would presume in the coming days and week or two at the most. The numbing or parasthesia? While I believe such numbness is almost certainly linked with the problems from the root canal tooth, it also is something that will more than likely take some time to heal properly... Parasthesia or numbing of the area, please do"Google" it, while very annoying and somewhat scarey to have, it is something that generally always takes MORE time than you prefer. It generally does subside slowly, but 95% plus of the time does go away (I know that you want better news than that - but that is about the odds I've experienced). It also can take anywhere from a week to 6 months to have this numbness (parasthesia) go away. So, what am I saying? There isn't much if anything you can do now, except (sadly so) exercise patience. You've gotten the needed root canal, which is the likely cause of the numbness, as well as the temporary swelling. The swelling should subside rather quickly - usually less than 1-2 weeks. The numbness, while very, very likely to go away also, will almost always be a much slower problem to totally eradicate, but it generally always will go away - it's just that it may take weeks to months to do so. I hope this helps you Sir! You were acting very prudent to get the Dental team involved & get the needed root canal! Now... your best friend will likely be time. So please DO hang in there, as this too should pass, at least in time. Cordially, Dr. Rampton *PS: I hope the TMJ is feeling better! Most likely all of these symptoms were tied into the same problem - the needed root canal.

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