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Dr. Alex
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what does the drug dorixina contain had dental work

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what does the drug dorixina contain had dental work. Can I get this drug in the United States? What does it contain and what are the side effects.
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Great question, let me help you.


Are you here?


Dorixina is not found in the US. It is only found in Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, and Mexico


It contains Lysine Clonixinate


Any other questions?

JACUSTOMER-dywok0yl- :

This drug is great - no pain and rested comfortably. What is comparable to this drug in USA. I am asking for future reference. I also understand this drug is also good for someone who suffers from migraine headaches. Which I do--I cannot take what is on the market for migraines. I take meprozine and/or phenergan and bupap (650-50mg). Thank you for your help. One more thing are there any side effects to taking this drug.

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There is no comparable drug in the US due to federal regulations, FDA, and big drug companies. There are very few side affects noted with Dorixina, but one that has been noted is blurred vision. I hope this helps! If I've answered your questions, kindly accept my answer. Thank you.

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