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My dentist suggested a fluoride coating for my teeth, in order

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My dentist suggested a fluoride coating for my teeth, in order to preserve them longer. I am 63 and have had some wearing in certain areas. I'm quite reluctant to do this, since I'm aware that too much fluoride in one's system can be toxic. The idea that fluoride will constantly be present in my mouth is quite different than brushing with toothpaste with fluoride that can be washed out of the mouth. What can you tell me about this? Thank you.



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Use of fluoride varnishes or coating is a preventive technique. for caries susceptible areas. They act as a temporary fill on the teeth that extends the contact of the fluoride with existing tooth structure. They remain on the tooth structure for many hours, thereby producing fluoride modified hydroxy apatite crystals that are acid resistant ( thereby resistant to caries). These also accelerate remineralization of early caries.They applied to the teeth with brush or an applicator in just a couple of minutes during which time they dry to coat tooth surfaces. To maintain the fluoride effect, they are re applied after 6 months ( approximately ).They are also used for very initial root - caries lesion where minor recontouring of the area is done followed by application of topical fluoride.


I would suggest you to go in for topical fluoride varnish as it has advantage over other topical fluoride vehicles in terms of safety, ease of application and fluoride concentration.They also have effective bactericidal and caries prevention agents. However, the choice is based on age of the patient, caries experience, general health and oral hygiene.


There is no side effect of fluoride coating ( for example - varnishes ) except a temporary change in tooth color that may occur.They are safe if applied according to manufacturers recommendation.


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