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I regularly go to the dentist but my teeth just keep breakin

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I regularly go to the dentist but my teeth just keep breaking off, not hurting. Is this due to age or something similar I am 44?
Great Question.

Your teeth do weaken as you age, so this is part of the reason you are breaking teeth. But what you need to also consider is that if you have amalgam (mercury) fillings in your teeth, these have been proven to cause teeth to crack, which leads to breakage. The best thing to do is to have these fillings removed and replaced with composite fillings, or have the cracked teeth crowned to protect them. Other than that, it is wise to take calcium supplements, use the prescription fluoride toothpaste and mouthrinse, and floss regularly to keep your teeth strong, and prevent breakage. If your mother took some medicine while pregnant with you, this may have cause hypomineralization (or weak spots) in some of your teeth. There is nothing you can do about this, other than place fillings or crowns where these areas are. Unfortunately there is no coating that can be put on your teeth for instant protection; the closest thing is crowns, which require some drilling on the teeth. Fluoride is a topical treatment that works, but it takes time to see effects.
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