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i have some dental issues. i had a partail root canal that

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i have some dental issues. i had a partail root canal that was infected for 6 years. i also had a broken tooth and the tooth had a previous root canal and the post was broken. i went to a surgon for removal of the broken post. she drilled for a long time, and burned the gum and killed some of the jawbone.I ended up losing the tooth, and i had some exposed bone, which was also pulled out. i am now in the process of getting all of my upper teeth pulled for a full maxillary denture. I am having complications like dry socket, ect. i had not previously had these complications. the spot where the necrosis was diagnosed is very painful; especially to touch, and i cannot imagine having a denture rubbing against it. what do i need to do?
Good question.

The area of necrosis can be very tender and sensitive. It is not recommended to wear you denture when you have an area like this. I recommend you leave your denture out until it heals and is comfortable. It will heal on its own, but may take several weeks. There are a few things you can do to help with the discomfort in the meantime, and also aid in helping it heal. First, I recommend that you rinse with warm salt water twice a day. This will keep the area clean, and prevent infection. If the area is an open sore, you may also want to be on antibiotics to prevent infection. Ask your dentist about what is best to prescribe, probably penicillin. Second, you can get treatments at your dental office of eugenol and benzocaine. This elixir is very good at easing pain and aiding in recovery. Normally it is placed on a small piece of gauze and placed in the are of necrosis or dry socket. You may need this to be done every other day until it feels better. Something else you can do at home is place wet tea bags on the area to help in healing. Tea has tannic acid in it, which aids in healing. This has proven useful with many patients. Finally, if ibuprofen isn't enough to take away your pain, you may consider asking your dentist for something stronger, like vicodin. You should not drive while on this, however.

After a few weeks, you should be healed, and then you can wear your denture all day. Until then, try not to wear your denture all the time, as this may irritate the area of necrosis and slow down healing.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
will dead jawbone heal on its own, then?
it has been over 9 months since the called burned my gims and bone, i do not have dentures yet.
Dead bone will normally work its way out the gums, and are often called bone spurs. If it has been 9 months and the bone is still in your gums, I recommend you see an oral surgeon to have it removed.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
can my dentist do it- i have absolutely no money and i dont trust the gal who drilled until my bone was dead. ther is a 1/4 inch gay in my jawbone now, as well.
will the bone spurs show up on an x-ray?
you are really helpful- and i appreciate it!
i thought i was losing my mind.
thanks, again!
Your dentist may be able to treat you, it depends on his/her experience level. The bone spur normally does not show up on an x ray, it is something you will feel poking out of your gums, like a splinter. Many people mistake it for a broken piece of tooth, but it's actually dead bone.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

i went to my family doctor last week and we discussed my symptoms- he put me on levaquin 250 2x daily and dicloxacillin 500 every 6 hours. he said that in his opinion, it was not anything to mess around with- and as sck as i am, i agree.
Now i am even sicker. I hacked or snorted out a 4 inch piece of what looked like a sponge- it was yellow and bloody, and i have an after taste of what i think may be novacaine. i had 2 more teeth pulled and another dry socket at the canine tooth.
my lower jaw does not hurt at all, but my upper jay all the way to mid nose is awful, and the anti-biotics are making me very regular, and sick to my stomache.
hello again. i have just been to see the oral surgeon. he said that the x-ray- yes x-ray- doesn't show any infection or bone spurs.
i did not make any comment. they want to pull the remaining three upper teeth on march 2nd.
i dont know if i will last that long. i feel really ill.
any ideas?
shouldn't i have a culture or something>to see what the infection is or if there is one?
it wasn't a magic x-ray- just a standard black and white panoramic of my teeth.
thank you very much-any help is much appreciated!
Do you, by chance, have osteoporosis? Or are you taking any medication to strengthen your bones?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
yes= forteo- an injectable.
i tried boniva once, but it was too hard on my stomach.
i had exposed jawbone for a couple of weeks..?
thank you very much, sir!
Some drugs for osteoporosis can delay healing of your jawbone after dental surgeries. Here is a good power point article to read:

I recommend you speak to your doctor about the side effects of Forteo. You want to be extra cautious with any dental procedure that involves surgery (i.e. extractions).
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
yes- but i am getting an upper denture- my upper teeth were loose and breaking- but dont you have to do a culture for infections|?
you cant tell from a black and white x-ray-correct?
You can actually tell quite a bit from an x ray. That is how we diagnose dental infections all the time. Cultures can be done, but you would need to see an MD for this. You likely have osteoradionecrosis, which is dead bone that does not heal easily. This is also a condition you should see an MD for.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
whoulds the biopsi to see what type of infectio it is- bacterial, virul, fungal
the forteo is in a different class from boniva.
i am sick my mouth and i am sweating and freezeeing, i have chest pain, my bp is higher, and i can barely function
my sinus feels like it is beeing chewed by small bugs.
i am really sick
the xray was the only thing that mattered
i cant see how an x ray can show it
guess i will stop taken the antibiotics, then
Sounds like you may have a fever. I recommend you see a doctor about all this. It doesn't sound good. There may be more than visible on the x ray.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I saw one yesterday. he did a panoramic black and white xray and said he did not see an infenction.
you cant see an infection on x ray, correct?
they were not willing to say more, and i asked several times
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
you're welcome
Dr. Alex and other Dental Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
helllo- i have been on the levaquin and dicloxicillin for 2 weeks- it has cleared up the smelly urine, but not the pain. and i am quite dizzy.
what should i try next, please/
Hello again,

It is good that you are on the Levaquin and Dicloxicillin, however you must understand these are strictly antibiotics, and provide no pain relief. They are helping prevent infection, but they are not meant to quell any pain. I suggest you ask your doctor or dentist for a prescription for a pain medication like Vicodin. This will definitely take care of the pain.

As far as the dizziness, this is normally associated with the inner ear. If you have had any sinus or ear infections as of late, then this would explain the dizziness. Here is an EXCELLENT website that will explain the details of why you may have the dizziness:

Let me know if I can be of any more help.