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1) What teeth are the smallest and weakest in the maxillary ...

Customer Question

1) What teeth are the smallest and weakest in the maxillary arch?
a) The maxillary central incisors
b) The maxillary lateral incisors
c) The maxillary cuspids
d) The maxillary first premolars

2) One function of the periodontal ligament is to
a) Support the cortical plate
b) Hold the tooth firmly in the socket
c) Fight lateral forces of the tooth
d) Fight systemic infections

3) In the periodontal ligament, the ________ fibers are the most numerous and make up the bulk of all fibers.
a) Apical
b) Horizontal
c) Alveolar crest
D) oblique

4) The _________ is the pink tissue that surrounds the teeth and covers the alveolar mucosa.
A) cervix
b) Gingiva
c) Cementum
d) Dentin

5) The section of a tooth that extends from the incisal edge to the crest of the gingival height is the
a) Anatomical crown
b) Root
c) Gingiva
d) Clinical crown

6) The _______ gland is also known as the mixed gland.
a) Sublingual
b) Submandibular
c) Parotid
d) Minor salivary

7) The minor salivary glands are found on the
a) Palate, Stensen's duct, and tongue
b) Buccal mucosa, palate, and lips.
c) Lips, tongue, and earlobe.
d) Plate, buccal mucosa, and tongue.

8) The thin, epithelial casing that covers the hard palate is called the
a) Palatial ridge
b) Oral mucosa
c) Nasopharynx
d) Uvula

9) The _______ is the area of a tooth from the cervix to the apex.
a) Cementoenamel junction
b) Anatomical root
c) Anatomical crown
d) Mandible

1) The dentist who commits malpractice does so by
a) Not doing thorough head and neck examination.
b) Prescribing medication
c) Doing harm to a patient
d) Allowing auxiliaries to work under general supervision

2) When obtaining a medical history of the patient, it's important to
a) Clarify information that's unclear or vague
b) Learn if another patient referred him or her
c) Not treat the patient if he or she has a slight cold
d) Be sure his or her address is correct

3) Why is it important for the DA to know about the laws governing dentistry?
a) To work efficiently on the patients' teeth
b) To prevent questions from the patients
c) To prevent contributing to malpractice
d) A charting system

4) Vital signs are
a) Never needed in emergency
b) Monitored only during anesthesia
c) The signs of life
d) A charting system

5) A palpation (head and neck) examination should include
a) Carious lesions
b) Blood pressure, pulse, and respiration
c) under-the-tongue glands and the neck and cheeks.
d) Medication the patient is taking

6) To know if a patient had tuberculosis, hepatitis B, or AIDS is important because
a) They're serious illnesses
b) They can't be cured.
c) cross-infection may occur
d) They could compromise the vital sign readings

7) What is respiration?
a) 14-20 beats per minute
b) Artery pulses
c) Taking in air
d) Inhalation and expiration

8) In order to avoid breaking the law, the dentist must
a) Give added responsibility to trained auxiliaries.
b) Provide direct supervision in some areas of the assistant's duties
c) Only provide indirect supervision.
d) Be present while auxiliaries take the health history or clean teeth.

9) Which medical condition(s) can be compromised by dental treatment?
a) Heart, high blood pressure, heart murmur
b) Herpes simplex type 1
c) AIDS, hepatitis B, tuberculosis
d) Diabetes

10) Who makes the diagnosis of an abnormal condition?
a) The patient
b) The dental assistant
c) The hygienist

11) The dentist usually waits for six months before treating a patient who has
a) Had rheumatic fever
B) been pregnant
c) Had a stroke
d) Diabetes

12) When a patient hasn't seen a physician in a long time, it tells us the patient may
a) Have high blood pressure.
b) Be very healthy
c) Have a dental caries
d) Have an undiagnosed disease

13) During the head, neck, and oral examination, the dentist looks at
a) The ear for shape and style
b) TMJ symptoms if asked by patient
c) The oral mucosa and gingival
d) The teeth and tongue only if infected
14) In an emergency, the carotid pulse is often used to monitor the heart rate. It's found
a) On either ankle
b) On either side of the windpipe
c) one inch below the thumb
d) Inside the bend of the elbow

15) Before dental treatment can begin, a patient who has had a hip or knee replacement must
a) Have his or her teeth cleaned
b) Have a head and neck examination
c) Wait six months
d) Take an antibiotic

16) _______ is the way the body breaks down medication and food
a) Malnutrition
b) Metabolism
c) Dialysis
D) Hypotension

17) When blood pressure is taken, the _____ reading is the time of most pressure and the _______ reading is the time of least pressure.
A) Diastolic, systolic
b) Top, bottom
c) Abnormal, normal
d) Bottom, top

18) If BP reading are consistently 145 mm Hg/ 99 mm Hg over a period of time, the patient may have
a) Hypertension
b) A BP screening test
c) Hypotension
d) A condition know as shock

19) The purpose of the medical history is to
a) Get to know the patient better
b) Help the dental auxiliary prepare the operatory
c) Help provide safe dental treatment to patients
d) Help the dentist decide which patient to see and which to refer to someone else

21) When charting a tooth extraction is marked by
22) On a chart complex caries are marked how?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Donetta replied 6 years ago.
Sorry we are not doing your homework for you. Already did it.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I'm a home school high school student and I submitted only the questions I needed help in. Should I have send them to a different department, like homework help or something?

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  • I can go as far as to say it could have resulted in saving my sons life and our entire family now knows what bipolar is and how to assist and understand my most wonderful son, brother and friend to all who loves him dearly. Thank you very much Corrie Moll Pretoria, South Africa
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