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Law Educator, Esq.
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Have you heard of former judge ******. **** from *********,

Customer Question

Hello, Have you heard of former judge ****** B. **** from *********, Tx.? If so, are you familiar with his impeachment? What happens if a judge who is supposed to have be making trustworthy and honest decisions in a court of law is he himself breaking the law and displaying behavior so distrustful that he ended up getting impeached and shamed for his acts? I need an attorney that will take a look at a case that shows and proves this former judge and his side kick attorney stole a lot of money during the same exact time this guy was lying, drinking and sexually assaulting his clerks. There's so much more to this but I want to know if those decisions that he ruled on should at least be found bottomless and worthy of another look...
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
Judge Kent was impeached for sexually assaulting workers at his court. The only charges against him were the sexual assault charges and lying to the agents investigating the sexual assault charges.
The impeachment did not implicate him making biased decisions or corrupt decisions, it was for improper conduct off the bench in the offices.
It is worth at least appealing or seeking to vacate any decision he made based on the fact that there were appearances of impropriety in the case decision based on the biases you describe above. However, the courts may hold that as your case did not involve anything that the judge was impeached for, the case should not be vacated.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Right, the case I'm talking about has nothing to do with sexual assault, but the fact that Judge Kent was a liar and dishonest brings about poor judgment and questions his credibility. Would any American citizen feel right about having that kind of judge making any decisions on anything? Especially one who already has prior recorded history of being warned from the higher courts of making bias decisions in the past favorably towards specific attorneys and his own admission of drinking during working hours and and lunch breaks with attorneys due to him being depressed from the sudden death of his wife and at the same time sexually assaulting innocent women that he worked with and trusted him and have then have the capacity to lie about it after is part of what made him unfit to be a judge in any case be it sexual assault or not, his judgement was impaired and his decision making reeks of dishonesty and that's why he is no longer a judge today. This isn't something that we're making up, its the truth as per his own admission to a court while trying to make an excuse for his deplorable actions and trying to receive his pension and disability during his fall from grace. These are great points that you bring up here, but I think his own admissions as to his deteriorating condition during that time period, will do more than just support the fact that he wasn't in his right state of mind and shouldn't have been a judge anywhere making any judicial decisions at all, but will ultimately give me my day in court and have a jury or sober judge say yes... it was fair for a case at mediation stage to not settle and go before private judges and attorneys to settle for over 1.4 million dollars less than the amount of the amount just the day before? Then what was the point of going to a mediation in the first place!? I know this may sound crazy to you man, and you probably don't want to have the time to even really deal with this, but I will never stop and I will never quit because I know that they did me wrong and God's not going to let them get away with it. That Judge wrote me a letter after and the attorney tried to rub it in my face after they got away with it and I thought, you know...There is a reason why you lawyers have to take the hippocratic oath and such codes of ethics are in place, could you imagine if some lawyer or judge doesn't abide by that, it could ruin so many lives and it happens every day! Should I just call the court house myself and go from there, or should I look for legal counsel on this matter?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Really? Improper conduct, off the bench, in the offices?... you simply cannot do those things and then come sit down and act like a judge and make judicial decisions based on honesty and trustworthiness and expect those ill judgements to still hold true today... Not after what we know now! Are there some cases that were done right, I don't know.. probably so and that's exactly why I think an appeal should be granted and his findings vacated examining the particulars of this case to make sure everything was done the way the law projects things to be. A good man, hard working drug free military veteran and father was injured and never compensated of repaired and thrown on disability asap because it was cheaper for me to collect that the rest of my life than to give me what belongs to me. I lost my job as you would expect because of they were part of the lawsuit due to the rational of negligence the defendant try to allocate, but was unsuccessful, so why should I get fired? To make matters worse, I'm still injured and the despite the money being paid to someone in order for me to have medical procedures done, I've yet to see these funds, I've yet to speak to the economic adjuster about my case before hurricane Katrina where my case went for one number, or after when my lying criminal attorney said he sent my case back to the adjuster who marked up up 250K due to the devastation of the economy and the line of work I was in and the insurance players involved, but I'm expected to take care of myself, my own injures and my family with disability?!! I can barely keep light on and food. If Not for the Grace of God, where would I be? Why else in the world, would my attorney waive me having to pay back for the medical bill that was in excess 80 thousand, also waive the 33% percent and the 19 months of my salary he was paying when workers compensation would not like, oh.. don'w worry about it. I'll take care of that. Then, when I said this isn't right he tried to give me another hundred thousand which is equal to what I was supposed to get just from my workers comp. Still a slap in the face , but where did that money come from? How can he just up and say what he can increase, or not and waive this and that for whatever reason he wants? The better question is how does a Judge over see this and allow for it to happen anyway the attorneys deem fit even if they're violating ethics? That Judge was Samuel B. Kent This man isn't going to drink bourbon and walk up in the courtroom and tell me what he thinks is fair in a matter that means everything to me while he's buzzing and my attorney just looks around playing dumb. This can't be justice.
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your reply.
I agree that his conduct was improper, but what the appeals court will look at whether or not his decisions on a case by case basis were within the law. His removal does not automatically invalidate every ruling he made, even if he was found to be the lowest of scum.
So, yes, you have a good idea about appealing, but you bear the burden of proving that his condition during your case was impaired or biased and the ruling in your case was contrary to law.