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Since one and half moth my son is in bail in Kentucky s

Customer Question

Since one and half moth my son is in bail in Kentucky his public defender doesn't talk with him 'doesn't reply his E mail.That's is right?How can find a good lawyer for him.We don't have very much money.My son is along in foreing country.We all livefar
away from him.We are trought very bad time I need same help.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Expert:  Zoey_ JD replied 1 year ago.


Public defenders don't have desk jobs. They have very heavy caseloads and they spend all day, every day in court. That makes them very difficult to reach. They usually catch up with their incarcerated clients on their court dates where they will visit them in the court's holding cells. Still, it does sound like this particular public defender is not communicating with his client.

If your son's public defender works for a public defender agency, you can call that agency for him and ask to speak to his lawyer's supervisor. (The clerk of the court could give you the number of the defender organization and the name of the lawyer if your son didn't know it). Complain to the supervisor that his lawyer has been completely unresponsive and that your son has been sitting in jail for a month and a half without even understanding why he is there. Believe it or not, that may be all it takes for your son's public defender to get in touch with him.

If that's not helpful on his next court date, he can let the judge know that his lawyer isn't communicating with him and doesnt' appear interested in helping him. He can ask the judge to remove his present public defender and to substitute another one who is willing to do his or her job. Most judges will grant one change of a public defender for those circumstances, and if affording a lawyer would be a hardship for you, that may be the best way to proceed.

We are not able to give you a direct referral to a private lawyer or law firm because it's against the site's terms of service. If you did want to hire him an attorney, you can call the Kentucky bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service. They charge about $50 for the referral and that includes a free half hour conference with the attorney which you can have over the phone. You could also contact a commercial lawyer referral service. A highly reliable one is Many of Martindale's attorneys are peer and client rated to help you narrow down your choices. These are the same places to which lawyers go when they need to find a lawyer in a different town or area of practice and don't know of any.