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response to email notice

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Hello, on Nov 10, I happened to kiss a girl whom i know since some years. It was not forceful. However, after some time, she started reacting and then so I voluntarily decided to step out of her place.on Nov 18, I receive an email notice from her (she has marked a copy to her boyfriend who lives abroad), narrating a completely false story of what happened. She has clearly exxagerated the situation, and has also mentioned that she visited an attorney and that its a potential case of sexual offense.She has also specified not to conact her in any means. However, I would like to respond to that email, since what she narrated is not true, and I am afriad the email might be used in future to blackmail me. Is there a way I can send a response denying the charges, because if I remain silent, that would mean I accepted the charges, which I dont. She also used a lot of derogatory words against me in that email. Please advice. Should I visit an attorney and let the attorney send her a notice


My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am an experienced criminal lawyer.

No, it doesn't mean that you've accepted her false story because you've remained silent. As far as the law is concerned, anything you say to anyone other than your lawyer when you may be charged with a criminal offense can be used against you. Silence can never be used against you because we have a Constitutional right against self incrimination and you are never required to talk about things like this.

The key here is that she has asked that you not contact her ever again. Honor that and she may just cool down and do nothing further. Contact her against her will and you may push her over the edge and she can go to the police with her claims.

If you feel compelled to respond anyway, you can certainly contact a local attorney and see if he thinks contacting her on your behalf is a good idea. In my opinion, however, escalating this when she wants nothing ore to do with you can stir up a pot that isn't presently boiling, which is always a bad idea.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you. I am just worried that it might be used against me in future. We know a lot of people in common and I don't want that email to ruin my reputation because it contains cooked up stories. Can a local attorney respond to her email on my behalf. I want to make sure this is closed once and for all. And I would prefer if she does not contact me either

She does not have a court order against you at this time. So there's no reason a local lawyer couldn't contact her on your behalf if he thinks it prudent and won't backfire on you.
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