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Jack R.
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well do you think i will be charged with anything? he has threatned

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well do you think i will be charged with anything? he has threatned to do this but so far he hasnt and like i said he was drinking and etc and makeing threats to me and etc. this has me very very much upset and i know he is just doing this because he is angry and didnt get his way on the things he wanted at the time.Do you think i will be charged with any thing as he as very very deep mental isssues to top all of this off

I do not believe so. Normally if an individual waits to file a charge and there is no injury they will indicate that n order to file a charge they have to see the battery/assault or have evidence that it occurred e.g. marks, scratches etc.


Once he sobers up he'll probably feel bad abut the situation.



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