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I need a criminal lawyer for this question. my husband sells

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I need a criminal lawyer for this question. my husband sells and is part owner of a gambling business that is mandated by the state raceing and wageing committee. if he is found guilty of a misdemeanor or felony can he still sell these tickets in the state of ny where he is currently licensed. they are called pull tab tickets and they are under charitable organizations


My name is XXXXX XXXXX I'm a NYS criminal lawyer.

It looks like a bill was passed back in January that would require employees in this are to have no criminal record. Here's the link to Bill S1962-2013. The subsection that would apply would be 195-C:

S 195-c. [1.] Persons operating games; equipment; expenses; compensation.

1. No person shall operate any game of chance under any license
issued under this article except a bona fide member OR EMPLOYEE of the
authorized organization to which the license is issued, or a bona fide
member OR EMPLOYEE of an organization or association which is an auxil-
iary to the licensee or a bona fide member OR EMPLOYEE of an organiza-
tion or association of which such licensee is an auxiliary or a bona
fide member OR EMPLOYEE of an organization or association which is
affiliated with the licensee by being, with it, auxiliary to another
organization or association. Nothing herein shall be construed to limit
the number of games of chance licensees for whom such persons may oper-
ate games of chance nor to prevent non-members OR NON-EMPLOYEES from
assisting the licensee in any activity other than managing or operating
games. No game of chance shall be conducted with any equipment except
such as shall be owned or leased by the authorized organization so
licensed or used without payment of any compensation therefor by the
licensee. However, in no event shall bell jar tickets be transferred
from one authorized organization to another, with or without payment of
any compensation thereof. The head or heads of the authorized organiza-
tion shall upon request certify, under oath, that the persons operating
any game of chance are bona fide members OR EMPLOYEES of such authorized
organization, auxiliary or affiliated organization. Upon request by an
officer or the department any such person involved in such games of
chance shall certify that he or she has no criminal record.
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