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I beleve in oregon a victims testomy is not required, but does

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I beleve in oregon a victims testomy is not required, but does that include after she has gone before the grand jury? and I think they might be looking at that biker guy for tampering. and he is on probation
The only testimony that is required is that needed to prove the case. If there are other witnesses or other evidence that can be used at trial, the victim is not necessary regardless of what she has done with the prosecution up to this point.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

have you ever been a DA?


No, I've been a defense attorney for over ten years.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

oh and you Sound good one. I get the feeling that they are tired of dealing with all the drama that she is involved with and might try to through the book at her> I sorry I cant be to detailed The case is about to go trial. and I was just wondering if the da decided to really lay the charges on would it be a lot?

and than you for your time



As I noted previously, the maximum she would face is 30 days in jail for the false report. Unfortunately Oregon does not treat lying to the police / district attorney as seriously as other states do. If she has become problematic, the DA may prosecute her, but may also be willing to make a better deal with the defendants if their other evidence is shaky.
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