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If I plead guilty do to lack of representation in Georgia to

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If I plead guilty do to lack of representation in Georgia to domestic battery and three years later hire an attorney and get a nolle pros. Does that still mean I have a guilty plea for a felony of domestic assault?
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I need some clarification. So you appealed the conviction? And then the charge was Nol Pros - did that happen during the appeal? How were you able to appeal a plea of Guilty?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I was told by my chain of command and public defender to plead out soI could go to Iraq during the initial surge charged and 3 years after I got home the military was going to put me out under the Laudenberg Act if I didn't get this off my record. At the time I was stationed in Maryland and hired an Attorney in Georgia to get this expunged so I could continue service. I never went to court and my attorney contact my ex-wife for statement and a month after the process. I received paperwork from the court saying it was a Nolle pros due to mis representation and misunderstanding of the law and what I was pleading to on my part. Georgia does not expunge things off you record as an adult so I guess the next process was nolle pros. I never understood this but I have been serving the last 7 years since the nolle pros and I'm about to retire and want to go into law enforcement but understand this nolle pros stuff. I'm currently in Afghanistan and can't get to the court house to ask


Thank you. IT all makes sense to me now

The answer to your question is NO - having a Nol Pros means that there is no conviction. In essence, the charges were dismissed.

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