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My wife went to Lousiville Ky for the weekend. She stated that

Customer Question

My wife went to Lousiville Ky for the weekend. She stated that she left my 13 year old with a friend in Hopkinsville Ky. The Sheriffs Dept had to go the house due to the fact that 5 days later my daughter had still not been in school for 2 days. The Sheriff's took my daughter to Juvenile. My wife came home and they arrested her for endangering the welfare of a minor. She has been in jail since 4 Sept 2013. Her bond is set at $684 dollars. She is supposed to get out on the 11th, but if she does not have the money how will she get out? How bad is this for her. I am on my way home from AFG to get my daughter.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Legal-Guru replied 3 years ago.
Thank you for your service and welcome to JustAnswer.

Her bond is set at $684 dollars. She is supposed to get out on the 11th, but if she does not have the money how will she get out?

September 11 could be her court date to go in front of a judge. That does not necessarily mean she will get out, but if she were to plead guilty and get probation she would get out. Even if she pled not guilty, it is possible that the judge would reduce her bond amount or let her out on her own recognizance. There's no guarantee of that though.

How bad is this for her.

It's obviously not good, but if your daughter's physical well being was not in danger, it is not likely to be the kind of case that the Commonwealth's Attorney will seek jail time. That's also indicated by the relatively low bond amount. Anything less than $1,000 is a low bond and indicative of not a major offense.

I will also note that just because she was arrested for a certain crime does not mean that is what the Commonwealth's Attorney will charge her with. They could charge her with a different crime or decline charges all together. A lot of 13 year olds babysit even smaller children so unless your daughter was in some sort of danger or unsafe situation where she was left at, I don't view this as something likely to result in additional jail or prison time.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I do not know if I can ask another questions, but here goes. The rest of the story is that my daughter was seen driving my truck, she is 13. A file was opened at the Sheriffs. They went to the house and got her and took her to Juvenile. She was tested and popped hot for THC and Meth. Is this a aggravating circumstance in this?

Expert:  Legal-Guru replied 3 years ago.
You can ask a follow up question, and yes, that makes it much more serious than if she had just been at the house watching movies. Whether that is something that the prosecution would seek jail time depends on a lot of things including how your daughter got the drugs, did your wife know or should she have known that she had access to drugs, how she gained access to your truck, who is this person your wife left your daughter with, what did she know or should she have known about this person, where was this person when your daughter was using drugs and taking your truck. Also, any history of prior child neglect or lack thereof will be significant.