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daughter arrested in Yellowstone park with small amount of

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daughter arrested in Yellowstone park with small amount of marijuana did one year probation and paid fine was only 18 at the time first offense have papers saying it was expunged but showed up on background check offense to place in Wyoming she lives in Montana need information . she is going to school to become a radiology tech . told it won't affect going to school but they might not let her take the test to become certified.
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Good morning. Did she go through the expungement process herself or was this something that was done by the court? Who performed the background check?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

assuming all the paper work was done by her probation officer they background check was done by the hospital in which the rad tech program trains through

Thank you for the additional information. The first thing she wants to do is confirm that this was expunged. Her probation officer should be able to provide her with written documentation to evidence it. When a record is expunged it prevents the general public from viewing a record. However, when a person is working with the elderly or children in a setting like your daughter, the record can often be viewed. Even if this is case, it does not mean she will not be hired. The hiring is at the discretion of her employer and they will look to see if she has stays out of trouble, been rehabilitated and that there is no chance that this happens again. Moreover, her character will be evaluated. This should not prevent her from taking the test and if she is concerned can contact them directly and ask what disqualifying factors are considered and reviewed which would prevent the test from being taken.
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