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I had a afair with a man he is my husband ex partner, and best

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I had a afair with a man he is my husband ex partner, and best friend for 10 years. Now we not together anymore it is a long history but my question is: one day we for fighting over txt message and I said that I really want that my husband would put a bullet in his face after all he had done to me. But what I meant to say was that I wished my husband would put a bullet on his face, it was just a expretion to say how much he had hurted me. But today he told me that he went to his lawers to do something agaist me about that. What should I do? I never really meant to kill him it was just a expretion and now he is using this agaist me.
Hi Jacustomer,

I think he's likely trying to scare you. If he really wanted to go after you for this, he wouldn't go to a lawyer. He would go to the police, fill out a report and tell them that he was fearful for his safety and wanted a protective order. The police would send him over to the DA's where one would bring him before the judge and get an order protecting him. You'd be charged with a crime -- probably not a terroristic threat as it's a bit much for this type of an offense, but for a harassment or an aggravated harrassment.

So what he's telling you isn't the way things are done in New York.

He could get a civil order, but that's in Family Court and wouldn't involve an arrest or criminal record at all. He wouldn't need a lawyer to ask for the order or to get a hearing.

What you should do right now is to cease all contact with him. Maybe it will blow over, but if it doesn't, you sure don't want to make any kind of written or oral record that could hurt you if he presses charges or summons you to family court. The less you have to do with him right now, the better, and the better the chance that he may just cool down.

If he actually does want to go after you legally, you'd be served with a summons and/or a protective order -- and he couldn't be the one to serve it. At that point, you would want to contact a lawyer.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Fran thank you so much to anwer my question, but I now he was at the lawers asking them what he could do legaly agaist me at this point, I know he did not do nothing but today I went to talk to him and he filmed and took picture of my car. Them he told me to be away from his family like I am really danger and he keeped moving like he was scared of me. I hate that he is acusing me of so many things and saying that I am the bad one, when he is the one that lie all I want is to clear my conscious and I do not wanna make him thinking that I am afraid of him I own him nothing...He used me and I am really ungry about it. I wanted him to pay for what he had done to me and his wife.


I just told you above what he could do to you legally, and that's likely what his lawyer told him too.

Leave him alone at this point. If he goes for a civil or criminal protective order, you can challenge that legally in court, the correct way. I understand that you feel you are a victim here, and that you're angry, but I can promise you that if you escalate this situation by getting him more concerned for his safetly, you'll be in court sooner rather than later and you'll have made your case that much harder to win.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

ok, But you are saying that he can win this?

he abused me mental and emotional and he is gonna end up as a victim?



Making a death threat is something that can get him either a criminal or civil protective order. You can be charged with that under New York law even if you don't have the means of carrying the threat out. As far as the state is concerned, it's enough that you said it and that he is worried about it. That can get him an order against him and also potentially get you charged with a crime, depending on what kind of an order he wants.

I don't know what emotional abuse he put you through. You might be eligible for a protective order as well. Here is a list of what will get you a civil protective order in NYS. But if you won't get one if he gets to the authorities first, which he will, if you keep trying to turn this into a bigger argument with him.

He wants nothing to do with you. He/you can make that happen with or without involving the courts.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

ok, thank You!

I see that you are in NY I am in long Island there is any way I can talk to you in person?



Unfortunately, it's against the terms of service of this site for professionals and customers to talk to each other anywhere other than on the threads of this forum.