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What exactly is bail? For a DUI.. and what would happen if

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What exactly is bail? For a DUI.. and what would happen if someone had gotten any sort of ticket in the bail period (not on probation). I just don't understand what bail is all about.

Bail or bonding is a promise that the defendant will appear at all trial and court hearings. It is a guarantee to the court backed with someone else's money. And if the defendant Fails to Appear for any reason then the bail is forfieted to the court and that means the defendant has to pay the entire amount to the bail company

So if a person is arrested for something else, and they cannot make an appearance in the bailed out case, I suggest the bonds company should be notifed so they can then Surrender the defendant to the court get the money back and the defendant remains in jail until court
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

So that is all? if it is a ticket of some sort like an open container ticket from a different county what would that mean? Would the court system find out about that?


The court system has everything in a database

But he is not on probation as you stated. The bond is to ensure appearance.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Why would his bond paper state that he is not to enter bars or facilities thats main purpose is to serve alcohol/drink alcohol.

What would it mean for him to receive the open bottle during that time before the second hearing where he will plead?


If the papers are specific to that degree, it is because the Bond company imposed them and if the bond company finds out then they can surrender the defendant and get their money back if they feel he is a high risk of not appearing.

So if it says that he should not violate it or risk going to jail because no one will post bond on his behalf
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

But as long as the defendant shows up to court that ticket will not matter because it will have been in a different county and the defendant was not operating a motor vehicle during that time of receiving an open container ticket?


Correct. That is correct. That is a different matter
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