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I recently went to the airport and didnt take out my loaded

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I recently went to the airport and didn't take out my loaded pistol from my backpack. I sent it through the carry-on luggage screening. the port of Seattle arrested me, took my finger prints and gave me a piece of paper stating that if I'm not contacted within 45 days to call the number on the paper. I recently just passed that time period and have not received anything. another attorney told me to not wake a sleeping giant at this point, because a different person may look at it and feel the need to prosecute me.
I'm a frequent flyer on Alaska airlines and fly over 50,000 miles a year. I have a concealed carry permit, and the office said that it if anything would be a misdemeanor offense. he said he noted on the police report how co-operative I was with them and let me go to get on another flight that same day.

If you have a legitimate carry permit and had put it unloaded in your checked baggage and disclosed this to the clerk at the ticket counter AND if your destination was one that offered reciprocity with your state's carry permit, then you could have carried brought this lawfully. I am assuming that they recognized your conduct to have been an honest error on your part, or they would never have let you fly.

However, what you want to avoid is a warrant for your arrest if for some reason a summons was sent out and you just didn't get it and you missed a court date. That could be problematic.

So I disagree with your lawyer. I'd give it another few weeks but then I'd call the number and see what they tell you, just in case.
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