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I live in CA and had some landscaping and concrete work done

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I live in CA and had some landscaping and concrete work done by a contractor. They made laid concrete in the area going to and in an RV parking area on one side of my home and did other work. On the 8th of July my next door neighbor was knocking at my door and told me that one of the contractor’s trucks backed up over the curb and sidewalk hitting and damaging our small fence. I took pictures and thanked her for letting me know. Is the vehicular incident something that should have been reported to our local Police Department?
Thank you for your question today, I look forward to assisting you. I bring nearly 20 years of legal experience in various disciplines.

It's certainly not a legal requirement to report it to the police, but technically their failure to wait at the scene and report it themselves could be seen as "leaving the scene of an accident" which is generally a criminal act.

Now, you can choose to report it to the police if you wish to. They may be willing to take a report and do something with it, or they may simply recommend that you take civil action against the contractor in order to recover.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

That is helpful. I have other legal questions about the landscaping I had done but need an answer from the just ask landscaping expert first.

Ok. Sounds good. Just let me know when you have an additional question on the law issue.
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