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Is it illegal to watch adult porn on your computer in MA?

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is it illegal to watch adult porn on your computer in ma. I've been checking it out lately out of curiosity and to spice up my love life,but i noticed on my network there is an FBI van network now. I am an adult looking at free porn sites only,I have not veiwed any child porn to my knowledge. everyone looked over 18 plus and I thought that was the only ages that could do these films!!

Porn is legal so long as it's not child porn. Legal porn sites usually have disclaimers saying that all participants are over 18. Stick to those.

As far as the FBI Surveillance Van is concerned, the FBI is much more clever than to name their wi-fi network something that would announce their presence in the neighborhood. It's been reported on the web many times, and the consensus is that it's a gag. People are doing it as a goof in order to keep other people from accessing their networks. If you Google FBI Surveillance Van Network you can see that it's a pretty stale joke already.

You're not being watched. The FBI doesn't announce such things. They show up with a warrant, confiscate your computers and investigate. They don't give you a warning so that you can erase your hard drive.


There's no confirmation that the network belongs to the real FBI.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

If its not illegal, then why since I started watching adult porn has this FBI wi-fi network showed up? Does that mean a neighbor knows I'm watching it?

This has nothing to do with you. Some idiot in your neighborhood thinks it's a cute idea to scare everybody else to death, because every one of us does something in the privacy of his own home that he wouldn't want others to know. The timing is likely a coincidence.

The FBI does not give warnings about sex crimes. Why would they want to? So that their suspects could run? Hide? Destroy evidence?

Not a chance.

Porn is legal and probably the most profitable enterprise on the internet. Just avoid child porn. Nobody's after you.

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