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1st offense ever DWI in Amenia Ny BAC.13. Officer said I slurred

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1st offense ever DWI in Amenia Ny BAC.13. Officer said I slurred my words and I did not and that I failed alphabet test I did not and that I could not stand on one leg which he did not as me to do I do not know any lawyers in Amenia Ny or surrounding areas any ideas or thoughts
Good morning and thank you for the question.

I am sorry to hear that you are going through such a difficult situation.

A good place to start in getting this case handle is by contacting The New York State Bar Lawyer Referral Service by calling 1(NNN) NNN-NNNN They will set you up with a local criminal defense attorney that will speak to you about your case for at least a half hour for no more than $35. If you then chose to hire that attorney, you can then discuss payment plans, costs, etc.

Hopefully, since this is your first offense you can get it reduced to a lesser crime. That typically works like this...the prosecutor will offer to reduce the charge in exchange for you (1) paying a fine; (2) doing community service; (3) and/or successfully completing a probation period.

Some jurisdictions do not offer this automatically, and therefore you may have to first enter a plea of NOT GUILTY to get the prosecutor to offer some type of program like this.

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Thank you very much,
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