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I was on probation for Dui for 5 years. My max date was 2010

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I was on probation for Dui for 5 years. My max date was 2010 all my fines were paid off and I was off probation. On july 7 2013 I was arrested for a probation warrant issued December 2008. I guess I had missed a court hearing because I was behind in my fines...I had no idea I had a court hearing in 2008 or else I would have been there.The whole time from 2008-2010 I reported to my probation officer once a month and was never told of this warrant. I was in jail from Saturday to tuesday because of this warrant from 2008 I had to miss work not to mention the humililation of strip searches and everything else that goes along with being in jail and loss of family time with my children. They let me out...I didnt have even go in front of a judge and from what I understand the probation office filed the papers and I was free to go. Do I have any grounds on sueing them for this?

JD 1992 :

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JD 1992 :

No, unfortunately not. Arguably there could be a case if there had not been any grounds for issuing a warrant when it was issued but if it was valid when issued then it is valid for them to arrest you on it.

JD 1992 :

The US Supreme Court has said that the police can't be sued for failing to do their job, such as clearing the warrant when your probation was over, arresting you on the warrant while you were on probation, etc.

JD 1992 :

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