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I was pulled over recently and had been drinking. Officer asked

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I was pulled over recently and had been drinking. Officer asked to search my car. Officer found a glass pipe in the car. I did not have any marijuana in the car on on me. I was stopped in front of my destination so the officer did not charge me with OVI. I was told I could not waive the fine and had to appear. I thought I would just pay the fine. But I just heard that in Ohio Minor misdemeanors for drug related offenses carry a mandatory 6 month suspension. My court date is 6/25. I am scheduled to start a new job on 7/1.I am very concerned. Im a married father of three. last ticket I got was 3 years ago.

What exactly were you charged with?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Minor misdemeanor citation for paraphernalia,

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

This was in Ohio if I didnt already mention that.


Thank you.

The minor misdemeanor carries a fine only of up to $150, but any drug conviction in the state of Ohio carries a minimum six month license suspension up to 5 years. It is highly unlikely that you would get more than the minimum but I understand that even that is of concern for you. You may be able to get an outcome to your case that doesn't result in a conviction, which should not trigger the mandatory license suspension. Many counties have a diversion program, where if you complete the program (usually a drug class and/or community service) the charge is dismissed without a conviction. A deferred prosecution outcome works much in the same way. You can either obtain a lawyer to try to negotiate one of these outcomes or you could try to negotiate it by yourself with the prosecutor before court.

If you do end up with a conviction, you can try to ask the court to allow you to have limited driving privileges, which would at least allow you to drive to and from work.
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