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My next door neighbors are harassing me

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My next door neighbors are harassing me also and have now taken it to the next level. They are now also contacting my current employer and telling everyone they come in contact with vicous lies. Examples of their behavior are:

Blowing waste and debris onto my yard due to their lack of garbage containers, many nuisance abatements are filed and served
Allowing their dogs to poop in my yard and flower beds
Trespassing onto my property when I am at home and away and trampling my yard and flower beds
Yelling at me in a very aggressive manner including using extreme foul language
Spreading rumors about me to the other neighbors, which the other neighbors know it is not true but it is very annoying to all of us
Constantly either drunk on their front porch or on the sidewalk, extremely loud and rude; and yes, they have been arrested many times for this-both of them
Coming to my place of employment and telling vicious lies about me calling their landlord and telling them 'stories' about their doings; landlord is currently attempting to foreclose on the land contract purchase of the home due to non-payment of house payments and will be at least another 2 months before they are evicted.
Loud and unruly arguments between each other which disturbs the peace of the entire neighborhood; and yes, they have been ticketed many times for over the past 2 years
I have been threatened with bodily harm if I do not 'shut the f^&* up and mind my own business'

These people have been convicted of many alcohol and other controlled substance crimes over the past decade so that is a public record. They have a very young daughter also in the home. CPS has been contacted many times by other neighbors for welfare checks of the minor child, I have tried not to get involved with that due to the close proximity and having to live within 15 feet of the ridiculousness. They also both have at least 2 convictions each for battery and/or assault so for that reason I am concerned for my personal safety.

I sent both parties a Cease & Desist letter and also had the police contact them acknowleding the latest attacks at my place of employment. Now I have been told by police that this is a civil matter and out of their hands. My only recourse is to take them to court and sue them. I rarely sleep anymore, I used to look forward to going to work to escape them and now they visit regularly to let me know that I cannot do one thing to stop them.

My employer has told me I can refuse to serve them and not jeopardize my job. The female neighbor is the worst as she is extremely LARGE and very threatening. It is also extremely embarrassing when she yells and purposely causes huge scenes in order to draw even more attention to herself. I will be openning my own business in less than one month and am considering a protection order against the both of them so that legally they cannot enter my place of business and be arrested on attempts to start their bullying there.

I live in a small town in Iowa and this has become a true living nightmare that I cannot wake up from.

Please help and any advice is greatly appreciated. I am not all that familiar with the law but I have learned that the law seems to protect people like them over people like me who just want to live in peace.
I am sorry to hear you are suffering through this terrible treatment. Your next step here before you open your own business is you need to file a harassment suit against them and as part of that suit seeking damages you would also obtain a restraining order against them preventing them from coming near you and also from making any disparaging harassing comments about you to others. Once you pursue this legal action against them, you would return to court on any violation and have them held in contempt of court and they will be put in jail for the violation of the court order. I am afraid that after everything else you have tried here, this is now your final recourse.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you. I was afraid of having to sue these people and the expense. If I do that I need to get councel from another county due to their previous and on going court related activity (yes, I last year I asked a local paralegal and received that answer). I wish the world were different and didn't protect the criminal element so much and give the decent people a break now and then. Just hoping the foreclosure process works quickly and they are gone before too long (late February). Thank you for you advisement.

I am sorry that you are going through this, but some people only understand court actions against them and understand nothing else. It is best to gt this over and sue them and get your court orders which you can then enforce and have them jailed for violations.