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I am in a real bad situation. I am trying to join the police

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I am in a real bad situation. I am trying to join the police force but an unfortunate issue happened a year ago. I was walking down the Vegas strip among 100s of people the police all of a sudden pushed me to the side. I questioned them why did they stop me the first officer stated she smelled Marijuana what does that have to do with me I never smoked, have or even tried Marijuana I replied.

Then a male officer walked up and started talking with me said he got a report that a group of people had Marijuana and I am like what group when I turn around 7 other black people were stopped. Mind you these 7 other people were dressed like thugs I was dressed extremely nice clean cut etc. basically did not fit in with this group what so ever. So I con't to talk to the officer about why he stopped only black people while there are 100s of people walking by. The officer stated he didn't stop because of race. "Again if that was the case why was I stopped" we continued to talk and I asked the officer what was his reasonable suspicion to stop me and in my right ear I heard arrest him a second later I was shoved against the wall handcuffed thrown down to the ground then kicked in the face by the arresting officer never was advised why I was being arrested until the next day which was (obstructing a public officer and disturbing the peace).... Charges were dropped 2 weeks later.

Okay so my thought on this is this they smelled marijuana and assumed the guys in front of me had the drugs they racially profiled me because I was in no way interacting with this group, dressed like this group and at the same time whites, Mexican, Asians etc where walking by and they were not stopped. So I have a very good basis along with my witness to believe this was blatant racial profiling. 2 We are suppose to believe a random person on the Vegas strip walked up to police at 2:30am and told police someone had marijuana just doesn't seem very plausible.

My legal question is this, Police are not going to look at this as racial profiling in fact after talking with other officers they got offended. So my other option is to figure out a legal way to erase what has happened (Nevada only seals records) because me getting denied a job for this incident just indirectly continues the racial profiling. I don't know what to do this really sickens me. Is there a way to get a Federal court to make Nevada destroy the documents based on violation of civil rights anything I can do. Thank you.
Hi and welcome,

There is no way for any court to delete the records of an arrest or conviction. However, it would be unconstitutional if you were denied a job as a police officer due to this kind of arrest. The basis of this alleged arrest resulted in the dismissal of the charges......appropriately so. If by some chance the record DOES stand in your way of appointment to the force, contact an employment/constitutional lawyer to clear your way onto the force (see below)


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