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my dog was attacked by another dog. my dog is a 2 year old

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my dog was attacked by another dog. my dog is a 2 year old full douchshund and the other dog looked like a mix of a german sheperd pitbull and rot. im not sure. now ill be first to say my dog was not on a leash the other dog was. after i broke up the two dogs and was almost bit by the mix i asked the owner what kinda dog it was and was told i dont know. hes a mix. i told her i wanted a copy of the shots now. it took her a wile to get me the shot records and they were copied onto a peice of notebook paper. the name as owners did not match the gal who claimed to own the dog name. and you can cleary see that the type of mix the dog was had been crossed out and the word mix was left readable. the owner as well asked me for my dogs shots wich i gave to her on the spot. with this i asked a law enforcment personal( local police) to verify that it was fake and he said it dont look fake just looks as if she crossed it out. my question to you the reader and expert is can i go after her for damge to my pet medical bills from the vet and/or for tampering with the shot records

AttyCBradford :

You can take her to small claims or file a civil lawsuit for property damage. Don't get me wrong, I am a dog lover and pet owner but in the eyes of the law the dog is viewed as "property" and therefore you would need to file for property damage. You would need to make a demand to her first to pay the medical bills and when she doesn't you would need to file a lawsuit or file a small claims

AttyCBradford :

I hope that my answer has helped you but please understand that sometimes more clarification can be given if you ask. If you have additional questions please ask. If not, then please press accept and provide positive feedback so that I receive credit for my work. Thank you and best of luck


but wouldnt the court throw it out cause my dog wasnt on a leash


my property"

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