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me and my childrens father have a custody modification court

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me and my childrens father have a custody modification court date in December, i have sole physical and legal custody with no visitation due to him missing his visitation responsibilities over and over again. two days ago he came to serve me and when he was told i was not home he tried to break in my house and removed my window screen, when someone opened the door to chase him away he threw the papers in the window and ran away, the cops said it would only make sense to take an incident number because the DA would never pick it today he called me 12 times and finally left me a voicemail saying he is showing up to my sons soccer practice tomorrow to fight my husband and since i wont allow him to take him. he has not visited with my kids in 2 months..anytime since april 2011 that he has visited with the kids is because i allow him to and as soon as he misses an appt or starts acting unstable as stated above i stop answering phone calls etc. when he seen its been months that ive not spoken to him because legally im not obligated to-hes requesting a modification and meanwhile harrasing me. what can i do before this ends up turning into a mess? this is NOT the first time hes threatened to show up at the schools or even my front door and has done it being CRAZY. when i moved in the beginning of 2012 i didnt give him my address for the reason that every one of my residences he has shown up harrased, taped notes on my door etc. i have always called the cops but they come out and just say next time he does that call again. this is the worst its gotten texting me repeatedly obscene and threatening messages and if he confronts me and my family he is gonna end up getting hurt, for his own protection i need advice on what to do because it seems the police cant and dont do much.

Hi - my name is XXXXX XXXXX I'm a Criminal Law litigation attorney.


You can file charges against him for telephone harassment and also seek a restraining order against him in order to stop any contact from him - including telephone calls, emails, personal contact, etc.


You can also file trespassing charges - and possibly even breaking and entering charges for coming into your house.


These charges should also help you with any custody battle that you may encounter.

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