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hit & run victim / possible gang related. ciminal left car plate

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hit & run victim / possible gang related. ciminal left car plate at scene. victim suffered pain & lost work days. the victim's vechicle is totaled. should the victim hire lawyer since the victim only has liability insurance w/ uninsured motorist & no collision coverage. victim was informed by police that it may be gang related.

Thelawman2 :

Yes, if a person wishes to recover damages as a result of a car accident and the defendant has no insurance, they should hire a lawyer to personally sue the driver who caused the accident. However, if this is gang-related, the person should discuss with the lawyer their safety concerns and possibly discussing things with the police. If the person fears gang retaliation, it might not be worth the possible risk to life to get the money. These are all things a local lawyer can discuss with you.

JACUSTOMER-05j1wmpk- :
JACUSTOMER-05j1wmpk- :

victim had contacted the car insurance agent & was advise to wait to see if the criminal has any type of car insurance before hiring an attorney. is this sounds right?

JACUSTOMER-05j1wmpk- :
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Yes that does sound correct.