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IF I am going to be put on probation in Denton County, Texas

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IF I am going to be put on probation in Denton County, Texas may I ask as part of the plea bargain that I be given permission to work and llive outside of the state?
Yes. The interstate compact allows for probation cases to be moved from state to state. However, this is under the discretion of the probation office. If you are in the plea bargain stage, you might request it, but the prosecuting attorney does not have to grant you this and may say you have to stay in state for at least a period of time and then request that terms of the probation be changed to allow you to leave.

Let me know if you need more information.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So, even if it is part of the plea and the judge signs off on the plea, it is still under the probation officers discretion?


I have an announcement on the 9th of next month and the DA is ready to offer me probation but I also have a great job offer in Alaska.


What I want to do is secure a plea bargain that contains a provision allowing me to work outside of the state to avoid being subject to the discretion of a PO regarding this matter.


Can the DA at least recommend that PO allow me to live and work outside the state?

Absolutely. If you can convince the DA to request it and the judge allows as part of the terms of your probation that your probation be transferred to the State of Alaska so that you can work there, then it is out of the hand of the Probation Office.

The judge has the last word. So whatever the judge orders will be the result. You will want to show the DA all the circumstances about the job offer and how it will improve your life and make it more likely that you will stay out of trouble if you are allowed to go work in Alaska.

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