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I live in Ohio. My son was at a party tonight which was loud

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I live in Ohio. My son was at a party tonight which was "loud" and the police were called. When I got there to pick him up I was told by the investigating officer that he (my son) had admitted to "drinking". I was also told by the officer that I would recieve in the mail a summons to juvenile court in about 4 to 6 weeks to answer charges of underage drinking or "proabition". My son was released into my custody and we were not given a citation of any kind. I was not present for the interrogation and its not clear if my son was advised of his Miranda Rights. Question: were do I go from here. I need a direction. THANKS!

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At this point, you need to see if charges are actually filed against your son. Your son should have been issued something if he was going to be charged, so it is at the discretion of the officer, if he is going to follow up as he stated with mailing a summons. If he does, you would want to retain an attorney at that point. The attorney can look over the facts of your case and see if there are any legal defense to raise, to get the admission suppressed. You should contact the attorney tomorrow for a consultation but until he is charged with someone, may want to wait and retaining them

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