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My sister is a nurse in Pahrump NV, she got a certified letter

Resolved Question:

My sister is a nurse in Pahrump NV, she got a certified letter today saying she had a complaint filed against her regarding stealing drugs, the lady filing the complaint is a hoodrat type, no teeth, no job, raising grandkids to collect a check..etc. she warned my sister that she would do what she did, after she and my sister fell out over her treatment of the grandkids and called cps, this woman accuses my sister of sleeping with our cousin, as well as sleeping with her boyfriend! now this she is pretty sure the complaint wont go far, since she doesnt steal drugs or anything sister wants to sue her for slander also not that she would win anything, but just to make this nut LEAVE HER AN HER JOB ALONE forever if possible..where does my sister even begin with this nonsense?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  AttorneyTom replied 5 years ago.
Good evening! I'm very sorry to hear about the situation!

It sounds as though your sister has been accused of committing a crime, as stealing drugs is generally criminal activity.
If she's been charged with a crime, she really will need to retain a criminal defense attorney.
It's important to remember that, though an individual may not be guilty of charges, an accusation must be treated seriously. It's possible for innocent people to be convicted of a crime.
Anything she says can be used against her, whether in a criminal or civil action. Therefore, she really needs her attorney to be involved directly. Well-meaning, innocent people often make damaging statements as they're simply trying to act in good faith.

If she's been falsely accused of stealing drugs and if she's damaged as a result (such as damages to her reputation, she may have a basis to file a suit for defamation. A successful defamation plaintiff must typically show that:
1. The defendant made a statement of fact to a third party regarding the plaintiff;
2. The statement was not true;
3. The statement harmed the plaintiff.
If criminal charges are brought and pursued, there may also be a basis for a malicious prosecution or abuse of process claim against the speaker provided the matter is resolved in her favor.
Any attorney who handles defamation issues can assist with such a suit. She can search for one using or

Further, if there is ongoing harassment, a restraining order may be useful in preventing it. Most attorneys should be able to assist her with seeking a restraining order, so she may wish to ask the attorney representing her for other matters to help with that as well.
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