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Michael J, Esq.
Michael J, Esq., Lawyer
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Experience:  Licensed attorney experienced in criminal matters, having represented hundreds of clients with every misdemeanor and felony imaginable.
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I haveecently been charged with DUI. If convicted this would

Customer Question

I haveecently been charged with DUI. If convicted this would be a 1st felony. State of Alaska burrow of Matsu. I have 4 priors; '87, '91, '01' 07. All wit a high BAC. Other than that my record (including driving is clean, no speeding, running lights, fender benders or accidents) The 1st tow were well deserved, I was young and dumb. The last two I was behind the wheel parked and waitng for a safe ride the first with keys the second without. On both occasions my spouse said we could not afford an attorney andto just plead out. Now I am in a situation where I must have an attorney.
If convicted this would definately jeapordize my livelyhood. Also besides needing my driver's license I plan to study and test for my motorcycle ad pilots license. I also sometimes work out of state and car rental would be impossible.
I do have a DMV review comming up on the 20th.
If I went to trial and was convicted my chances of recourse would not be good, so I am wondering if 1st there is another option. I have heard a bit about SIS and PACE. What would your recommendation be? I will d whatever it takes not to lose my license and not to be labled a felon.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Michael J, Esq. replied 6 years ago.

Michael J, Esq. :

Hello - Thank you for contacting JustAnswer. My name is Michael; I look forward to helping you with your criminal problem today.

Michael J, Esq. :

Are you being DUI 3rd Offense?

Michael J, Esq. :

I'm sorry. I meant to ask, "Are you being charged with DUI 3rd Offense?"

JACUSTOMER-32v7c9g6- :

Ths would be a life time 5th and/ or 3rd in 10 years so as I stated it would be a 1st felony.

Michael J, Esq. :

Thank you.

Michael J, Esq. :

The penalty for a DUI 3rd offense in a maximum of 5 years in prison and a lifetime revocation of your driver's license. I would strongly suggest you consult a local DUI defense attorney. In exchange for a guilty plea, the prosecutor may agree to prosecute the offense as a DUI second offense instead of third, taking the felony off the table. If he can't work something like that out, you may have defenses to the felony and your attorney may be able to secure a not guilty verdict. Either way, having an experienced DUI attorney will be invaluable, especially when so much is on the line.

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