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My grandson is 19 and has recently attempted suicide 4 times

Resolved Question:

My grandson is 19 and has recently attempted suicide 4 times and spent approx one month in detox where he was diagnosed with sociopathic and antisocial disorder. They had him on 50 mil of seriquil. As soon as he got released he got ahold of abunch of pills again and started tasking them. I took him to the emergency room where as soon as he was stabilized he was stabilized he was arrested for intent to distribute. I think it was oxycodone and zanibars. He was found with a large amount in his pocket. He is being charged with at least 2 feloney counts. He is extremly addicted to this and mentally unstable. This is his first charge. Do you think he will do time or rehab? Thanks so much!
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Samuel II replied 7 years ago.



with the background information that you are providing, i would venture a guess of probation with a suspended sentence and as long as he completes a rehab successfully he will be okay. now, here is what you should consider. get some names of inpatient rehabs in your area and try to secure a bed for him. the problem often times is a court will order rehab and then the defendant needs to sit in jail until a bed is available. so try to get working on that. get a letter from them showing that a bed is available. his attorney or public defender can use that to show the prosecutor and work out the deal on the sentencing.


it is clearly apparent that he needs inpatient treatment. good luck with everything


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