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in oregon - if a person has two prior felony cvonvictions

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in oregon - if a person has two prior felony cvonvictions and is convicted a third time (burglary and id theft) arising from both state and us government charges what would a likely sentence be.liwhat would a likele sentence be? p.s. - this is not me...

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Can you be specific as to what crime you are charged with (what state, felony first degree, etc) and EXACTLY the degree of your priors (misdemeanor A, etc).

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
eli - the person in question is my new son-in-law. all i know is that he has 2 prior felony convictions , i believe in oregon and washington. he was recently arrested by state of oregon and a search warrant was inacted by fbi. charges pending state and federal are burglary and theft (ident theft i believe). fbi confiscated computers etc from his garage at time search warrant was served. he is now out on bail from state of oregon..
So he is charged federally, correct?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
not as of yet- apparently the state and feds are considering combining their charges - i understand that the state is working on a total lf 6 chargesof burglary and theft. since they are considering combining charges i assume the charges are similiar. i am just trying to get an idea of how long he might be put away - the longer the better. trhank you.
I can't give a clear estimate until I know what he is charged with. BUT, assuming that he is charged with TWO felonies with TWO prior felonies, then, I say about 25 years in jail and a 10,000 fine.
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