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My wife had to much to drink saturday and blacked out we had

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My wife had to much to drink saturday and blacked out we had a huge fight and she assaulted me and was charged and sent to jail we bailed her out and sunday morning she didnt remember everything that was going on though she remembered the fight she is a wonderful mom and wife she has never been arrested before and she has to be at court this morning in 2 hours and we don't know if she needs to plea not guilty, no contest, or guilty can you help us out quickly thanks concerned husband.

A domestic violence conviction will be on her criminal record forever. This will affect her ability to get a job, possibly affect her ability to get a loan in the future, and prevent anyone in the home where she resides from possessing a firearm.


Therefore, if possible, it's important to get the charge dismissed. The most likely way to do this is to negotiate a deferred dismissal that allows her to undergo counselling, community service in exchange for a dismissal of the charges once she completes those requirements.


In order to do this, she will need an attorney. So, I would definitely plead not guilty this morning and indicate to the court that she intends to get an attorney, without question. Any other plea--guilty or no contest--will end with a conviction. Being her first offense, there's a great chance that you can do better with an experienced attorney negotiating a plea.



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