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I sent my attorney a letter & fax 9/30 notifying I no longer

Resolved Question:

I sent my attorney a letter & fax 9/30 notifying I no longer require his service and demand back $1600 payment made 4 months ago to file chapter 13; he has performed no service and refused to return a response to my letter several weeks ago (and phone call) asking for a status report on my case. Today I looked into how to report him through Colorado Supreme Court (recommended by a "just answer" attorney). To my dismay, I discovered that he was ordered to stop practicing law Septembmer 21, 2009 because of false imprisonment of exwife/domestic violence, alcohol issues. Did he have an obligation to refer me to another attorney or notify me that he was suspended from the pracice of law? The bankruptcy has been time sensitive because of real estate pressures, and he acknowledged this at our first consultation and again when I spoke to him in July and August. Is he liable to me for damages (because now I need to totally start over? Was it legal for him to still be functioning as attorney?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Dimitry Esquire replied 7 years ago.
He is completely liable to you. Practicing law without a license is a very big deal and opens him up both through his liability insurance, as well as makes his personally liable AND liable for additional sanctions from the Colorado Supreme Court.

1. Report him, again, to the bar.

2. Contact a malpractice attorney right away so you can bring suit against this attorney for his complete disregard for your case. You missed deadlines due to his incompetence, and the attorney literally engaged in fraud when he was "representing" you without a legal license to do so.


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