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I was arrested on Sep 05 and the charge was Brandishing Firearm

Resolved Question:

I was arrested on Sep 05 and the charge was Brandishing Firearm and after that Judge give me 12 months probation and after that my case was dismissed but after that I want to know that did I get a firearm license or not and yeah in the warrant I see some words which is this, Plea of accused: Nolo Conntendere and was tried and found by me facts sufficient to find guilt but defer adjudication/disposition and placed on probation, Subsection 4.1-305, 18.2-573, 18.2-251, or 19.2-303.2. Costs imposed upon defendent. So do I get a firearm license or not and in firearm permit application there is 2 questions where I am so confused and they are 1. Have you ever been convicted a felony offence, yes or no and 2. Have you been convicted of a misdeamenor offense within the five year period immediately preceding this application, yes or no. So what I do do I mark yes or no.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Legalease replied 7 years ago.
Hello. You can apply for a firearms permit. On the questions, you can answer NO to both of them -- because you have not been convicted of anything -- the charge was dismissed after you served your probation time. However, do not be surprised if they access your criminal record anyway and deny you the permit simply because the CHARGE was a firearms violation. Unfortunately, the local authorities who issue gun permits can use any and all information they choose in order to make the final decision of whether or not to give you a gun permit. But, it is worth the try to get one, and if the ask why you did not put the arrest and dismissal down on the application, you tell them "BECAUSE I WAS NOT CONVICTED OF ANYTHING!"
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