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my nephew was beaton by country police. we went to court july

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my nephew was beaton by country police. we went to court july 30. before hearing his case a recess was called. at that time the judge made the statement these officer are her boys and that they had taught her every thing she knows, and to mess with them is to mess with her. could we have asked for the case to be posponed and asked for a jury trail. nothing that the police officer did was brought out. i feel he was guilty before we even got started. what should i do.

If he got six months in jail, then yes, he should have had the right to request a jury trial. He can appeal the decision by filing the correct paperwork with the clerk's office. You can obtain it for him. If you get him an appellate lawyer, he can file the papers on your nephew's behalf.

I would also suggest if he was beaten to file a complaint with the police department's Internal Affairs Division. They investigate complaints of officer misconduct within their department.
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