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Samuel II
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Samuel-II Thank you for your answer to my earlier question.

Resolved Question:

Thank you for your answer to my earlier question. I just spoke to my son who said he has already asked for and received a reconsideration and another rejection by the parole board. He has filed a greivance and was told there was a 'detainer for felony suspect' on him. There were charges filed in August 07 and dropped in February 08. He is now paying someone to write to the Attorney General to have the 'detainer' removed. Does this sound like the right next step?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Samuel II replied 7 years ago.



thank you for the update - i think you mean the State's Attorney/prosecutor to have the detainer lifted. the Attorney General does not prosecute cases and the detainer needs to be lifted by the court on a request from the prosecutor based on the fact the matter was dismissed.


if that is the reason the parole board gave him for refusing his parole and he gets that lifted, then he should write for reconsideration again - or he can consult with a public defender and discuss the Mandamus action as i explained. if he files the Mandamus then the courts can order the reconsideration.



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