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I was arrested in 1998 for aggravated harrassment..I pleaded

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I was arrested in 1998 for aggravated harrassment..I pleaded guilty and did 3 days of community attorney told me that this case would be sealed in 6 this the same as expunged??? and if not how can I check the status?



NY does not allow the expungement of records. but you can file to have the records sealed. sealing means they cannot be viewed by the public or show on background checks, but the record remains for the courts to view if ever necessary. you should speak with the clerk of the court where the conviction took place and ask for the forms to file for sealing your criminal record. the clerk cannot give you legal advice but can provide the forms and written instructions on how to file.


good luck



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The attorney did not reply regarding that I was told by my attorney that the record would be sealed in 6 months...



sorry. you case is not automatically sealed. unless, it was something your attorney followed up on in the six months and was included as part of your fee - otherwise, this is a process that you must petition the court for. i should have been clearer on that issue.


good luck

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