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I have a call in to an attorney but have not heard back...On

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I have a call in to an attorney but have not heard back...On Sat evening I hit a car in a parking lot and did not think there was any damage, when I got home I saw my bumber was damaged. I returned to the business the next morning with my insurance information and left it all with the manager/owner who said I also scraped another car as well. I have filed a claim and do not yet have the info on the other cars but the Grill said their night mgr had the contact info. I am wondering what my next step should be? I don't think the police were involved and I really did not believe I had caused damage (I drive and F-150) when I left. I did return the next morning with my insurance info but did not leave any info on cars. I want to make sure the right thing is done without getting in any trouble. No other property was damaged and no individuals involved. Have no other accidents or convictions tickets of any king
You could be charged with Leaving the Scene of an Accident. A driver of a vehicle has a duty when involved in an accident, to call and report the accident to the police or to leave your contact information on the vehicle, which you hit. You knew you hit a vehicle, so it would have been at that time, to report it or leave your contact info. Going back to the place of business and providing everything to the manager/owner, should show a good faith effort to resolve the situation, without the police getting involved. You can certain file a claim with your insurance company or work something out with the owner of the vehicle, to pay for any damages.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX would cause the polica to issue a citation for leaving the scene of an accident? I am not sure what would trigger the police contacting me.

Only if this accident was reported, would the police issue a citation. If you can work out an agreement to pay for the damages to the other vehicles, it could prevent the other drivers from reporting this.

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