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Young man with no record at all is a boxer and a weight lifter

Resolved Question:

Young man with no record at all is a boxer and a weight lifter and ordered annabolic steroids to gain weight. He ordered on line and had delivered to his house at college. He ordered some of these one time a couples of years ago so he was placing another order and some how customs seized the order which was about $500.00. So then the cops raided his home and said that he was probably distributing but he was not. He is the best kid and he did not know that if he ordered these again it was illegal. He is dating a girl that used to date the DA's son so it is funny that this happened to the young man and the DA called the young girls father and said that this young man may go to prison and be charged with a felony. He does have an attorney but I just wanted to know what your opinion is?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  N Cal Attorney replied 8 years ago.
I'm wondering if the DA is retaliating against him for dating the girl who broke up with his son. The DA may have slandered him. It is not normal for a DA to make a call like that and it indicates that he is personally embroiled.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I just really want to know if someone without any record of anykind a really good student, down right good young man age 25 only taking these annabolic steroids to put on weight because he boxes and hasn't even taken in the last 6 months. He was in a fitness competition at the college when he did take the last ones to build muscle. He is does not give these to anyone and only had a small handful that they even found. Do you think he will be charged with a felony and have his whole life messed up? He is really upset and meet with an attorney tomorrow. He had a drug test and it is clean.
Expert:  N Cal Attorney replied 8 years ago.
Possessin of steroids is a felony under federal law and in most states, but possession of small amounts might be charged as a misdemeanor. I predict it will initially be charged as a felony but that is just speculation, I cannot predict what the DA will do.

The best thing yuo can do is meet with a local attorney who handles drug cases. Most of these cases are eventually settled with a plea bargain.

Since the defendant has no priors, he may be eligible for diversion or for a plea called deferreed entry of judgment, which allows the case to be dismissed after all plea provisions have been complied with. That would prevent this from going on his record.

I cannot give you any real advice in this situation other than to have a local attorney look into it and see if it can be resolved in a way that does not involve a felony conviction on your friend's record.
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