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I am told that I am placed as a co-defendant with a charge

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I am told that I am placed as a co-defendant with a charge of conspiracy to smuggle marijuana involving a prison. These charges are from the state of Michigan and I am in Ohio. It is said that because of our phone conversation(s),with the person whom is incarcerated,(obviously), and claim they have evidence that has not been brought forth as of yet. what should I expect to happen? could I be arrested?

Basically, if the state of Michigan decides to charge you, they would have to do one of two things. They could either swear out a warrant for your arrest and try to bring you in through extradition with Ohio. Or, they might try to send you a summons for court, in which you'd be requested to voluntarily appear appear in Michigan, and if you didn't, they'd take out a bench warrant for you. Then, once you were picked up in Ohio, they'd have to engage in extradition proceedings to bring you to Michigan.


Just be aware that if they ever take a warrant on you, you can be arrested anywhere on the warrant. It is not likely that they would send out a task force to find you, but if you ever got pulled over for a traffic ticket or anything, the warrant would probably show up. So if you find out they have a warrant for you, you might want to negotiate a way to turn yourself in so that you can address the charges. If that happens, you'd want to find a lawyer in Michigan that can represent you.


Good luck.

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